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Complete YVR Air Import & Export Services

We are an insured and bonded warehouse that is one of the leading providers of X-Ray Screening in the YVR airport area. We are authorized by Transport Canada to screen secure air freight. We provide service to many freight forwarders, packaging companies, customs brokers and courier agents to handle and transport their shipments with no delays. We also offer airline transfer service to ensure your freight arrives at its destination on time.

Insured and Bonded Warehouse

We are an insured and bonded warehouse that is one of the leading providers of X-Ray Screening in the YVR airport area. A bonded warehouse is a secured warehouse facility that is covered by customs rules. Companies that export products, materials and items abroad commonly use bonded warehousing facilities to store their products.

A Leading Provider of X-Ray Screening in YVR Airport Area

We can securely pick up and deliver your shipments to our YVR Bonded warehouse for Xray screening.  We are your YVR choice for Xray Air Cargo Screening. Our Xray machine has an opening of 72 wide by 72 high with an overall length of 28 feet. It is large enough to accommodate any size shipment that can fit onto any passenger airplane.

Authorized by Transport Canada to Screen Secure Air Freight

We are proud to be a Transport Canada Approved Regulated Agent.  This means that we are held to the highest standards in aviation security, and your cargo is secure at every step of its journey. We constantly meet ongoing inspection requirements.

We Provide Services to Many Freight Forwarders

We offer a wide range of on-demand door-to-door courier, LTL or full load solutions for clients of all sizes and needs, 24/7, 365 days a year. In addition to that, we offer Direct Drive service from your shipping location to anywhere in the city or to another city the same day with no stops in between. We run special services to Vancouver Island, Northern British Columbia and the Interior. Our drivers are trained to handle cargo in a professional and expedient manner. We pride ourselves on our appearance and courtesy. We provide automated Proof of Delivery in real time.

Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association

CIFFA award-winning carrier servicing Western Canada’s transportation industry.

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