Scott Freight Services

...We never miss a cut-off time ...


Trucking & Freight Services
We operate a fleet of 1 ton to 5 ton vans and reefers throughout the Greater Vancouver Area. We run special services to Vancouver Island, Northern British Columbia and the Interior. Our drivers are trained to handle cargo in a professional and expedient manner. We pride ourselves on our appearance and courtesy. Our vast supply of strategic alliance partners provide transportation service throughout Canada and the United States.


Shipment Tracking
Click here to access our shipment tracking tool.
For access to this
system, please contact

  • Fleet of 16 trucks
  • 5 Tons flat bed China tops
  • Vans
  • 1 Tons Cube
  • 3 Tons Cube
  • 5 Tons Cube
  • China tops
  • Power tailgates
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